Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pool Time FAIL

We've finally been getting some hot weather around here so I thought it would be fun to get out Alivia's little pool. She's always liked the bath so I thought for sure she'd like sitting in the pool water. It started out good. She was having fun climbing all over me trying to get the camera while daddy was blowing up the pool.
Then it was time to get in the water. And this was the best picture I could get ha!

She freaked out before her feet even touched the water??? I don't know if the pool scared her or what. She's been a little cranky lately because she's getting another tooth so maybe that's what the deal was. I love how Sadie is looking on just dying to jump in the water. I guess we'll try again in a few days and she if she likes it any better.


  1. Stopping from Jenna's Journey! I hope she learns ti love it. My little msn lives playing in his pool.

  2. Found you through Jenna's journey. We had the same experience this past weekend with our 19 mo old! Too funny!