Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playing at the Park and Other Randomness

This last week has been craaazy. It wasn't the best week but we did have some fun moments. We took Alivia to the park for the first time. Here's her first time going down the slide. Please ignore her outfit, her daddy dressed her.

Sadie tried to walk on the play equipment. She wasn't a real fan of the grates ha!

Zoey showing off with her one trick that she can do -- jump really high to get the ball.

And then yesterday I tried to make our ugly back fence look a little prettier with some hanging baskets. They are really pretty in person. We're trying to get the backyard all spruced up for Livy's 1st birthday party. How is it possible that I'm already planning her first birthday???

As you can see, our dogs are wrestling and trying to destroy our grass.

Then we headed down to my parents house for a few hours while Eric went to the shooting range. Alivia decided to attack Cameron's face. It was quite amusing.

The best part was later when we were watching the pictures on the TV, she was laughing at herself. Too funny. She's also mastered waving and she now waves at random strangers. She's much friendlier than her mom.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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