Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 Months Old!

My little Livy Lou is 10 months old today! How is it possible she is now in double digits??

8 1/2 months was a miracle time for us. All of a sudden she started crawling, her acid reflux disappeared (THANK YOU LORD), and we were finally able to do some sleep training. Up until then because of her acid reflux she just did not sleep. And I seriously mean that she would wake up every 1-2 hours crying and I would have to pick her up, give her some colic calm, and hold her until she went back to sleep. And this was all with her sleeping with us. I swore I would never do that but when you get almost zero sleep you do what you have to do. At it's worst she wouldn't even take naps or go to bed at night without me sleeping with her. Let me tell you, I was getting seriously sick of going to bed at 7 pm. Anyway, all that to say, you can see that it is a true miracle that she is now sleeping like a champ! I am able to put her down awake and she usually sleeps until 6ish and wakes up to eat. Sometimes if we're lucky she'll go back to bed until 7-7:30. Some other things that Alivia has been doing this month are:

She is getting her 8th tooth. We're hoping for a good break before her molars start to come in.

Pulling herself up like a champ and cruising on the furniture.

{Showing off some toofers while climbing up the couch}

Loves her some Baby Einstein - thank goodness because otherwise I don't know how I could get ready in the morning!

Eats all table food - she loves eggs (yolks only) and peaches for breakfast. Sometimes she shares my oatmeal with me. She also loves all meat and pretty much everything actually. The only thing she didn't like was banana but she seems to like it now.

{Enjoying some eggs for breakfast}

She got her first taste of bread and let me tell you, she is just like her mother and loves her carbs.

Waves on command to either hi or bye. She also loves to wave at random people in the store. Also, if anyone makes any sort of eye contact with her she thinks they want to be her best friend and gives them the hugest smile ever.

She LOVES sunglasses or glasses. She tries to swipe them and she's so quick about it.

{Trying on daddy's glasses}

It sounds like she's starting to try and say dog. I'm sure it's because she hears me yelling at our dogs all day long!

She also loves to chase and annoy the dogs. She has also recently started to try and feed them from her high chair. Lovely.

{Chasing after Zoey}

We love you baby girl! You make our life so much better and you are just so fun. We can't imagine life without you!

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