Friday, November 20, 2009

Our babies!

Kelly's hosting Show Us Your Life - Dogs!

A year after we got married and bought our house we knew the first thing we wanted to get was a puppy. Wow, not sure what I was thinking! She was so cute but so much work! But look at this face - how can you not love it??

I felt so bad that she had to be home all day while we were at work. A sweet friend who didn't work offered to let me take her to her house during the day so Sadie could play with her dogs. That got to be old really fast having to leave early and get home late. Plus, her dogs are nice but Sadie learned some awful habits from them like barking at people. A golden retriever barking at people?? What in the world. So this past summer we decided to get her a friend (moment number two of insanity).

Meet Zoey - Sadie's best friend for life.

Zoey has the BEST personality. Sadie is really needy and wants attention ALL the time. Zoey loves attention but she is so much more relaxed. She's so sweet and loves to cuddle. Which is lovely until she jumps up on the bed in the middle of the night and tries to lick your face.

They are best friends now and they play all the time. Right now they are playing tug of war with string. ha! The only thing that drives me crazy is the massive amounts of dog hair. I could vacuum and dust every day and it wouldn't be enough. Most days I feel like I'm a maid to the dogs. But we love them and wouldn't trade them!