Friday, November 20, 2009

Our babies!

Kelly's hosting Show Us Your Life - Dogs!

A year after we got married and bought our house we knew the first thing we wanted to get was a puppy. Wow, not sure what I was thinking! She was so cute but so much work! But look at this face - how can you not love it??

I felt so bad that she had to be home all day while we were at work. A sweet friend who didn't work offered to let me take her to her house during the day so Sadie could play with her dogs. That got to be old really fast having to leave early and get home late. Plus, her dogs are nice but Sadie learned some awful habits from them like barking at people. A golden retriever barking at people?? What in the world. So this past summer we decided to get her a friend (moment number two of insanity).

Meet Zoey - Sadie's best friend for life.

Zoey has the BEST personality. Sadie is really needy and wants attention ALL the time. Zoey loves attention but she is so much more relaxed. She's so sweet and loves to cuddle. Which is lovely until she jumps up on the bed in the middle of the night and tries to lick your face.

They are best friends now and they play all the time. Right now they are playing tug of war with string. ha! The only thing that drives me crazy is the massive amounts of dog hair. I could vacuum and dust every day and it wouldn't be enough. Most days I feel like I'm a maid to the dogs. But we love them and wouldn't trade them!

Friday, August 14, 2009


It's Friday so that means Kelly is hosting Show Us Your Life! I am SO sad because my pictures somehow didn't get backed up when we got our new computer. So I only have a few from our Switzerland vacation :( I went with my a couple cousins and my aunt and uncle because my cousin Kristin is married to a man from there and they were having a second wedding. I just had to tag along! It is very beautiful there. I will be the first to admit I didn't enjoy the trip as much as I should have. I had extreme jet lag and didnt' sleep a whole night through the entire time we were there. I definitely should have taken some sort of sleep aid. But I would love to go back and have Eric go this time!

This first picture is me and my cousin Heidi at the lake by their home.

They live in Estavayer-le-Lac and it a charming town. This was when we were on our way to the castle in town. I loved loved loved the cobblestone roads and all the window boxes filled with flowers.

If memory serves me right this is the view from the castle.

This was when we were visiting the Matterhorn. I loved the little signs. Everything looks better in French :)

And this last picture I have is a different castle that we visited one day. I don't remember the town off hand. But it was so fun to see. Looked like something out of a movie!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Reception/Hawaiian Honeymoon

Kelly is hosting Show Us Your Life today! I just looked and apparently don't have any reception pictures on this computer. I will have to find them later. But, I do have our honeymoon pictures. We were able to go to Maui and it was so wonderful. Hawaii is my absolute favorite place on earth and I was so excited that Eric and I could go together. I'm hoping we can save up and go again for our next vacation!

We stayed at the Outrigger in Napili Bay and it was such a beautiful location. This was the view from our room.

We went on a snorkeling excursion to Molokini and Turtle Bay.

Eric of course had to get a kiteboarding session in. I think he would have died if he hadn't gotten to go out at least a couple times :)

Oh that water makes me want to be there right now! Eric did accidently hit a turtle out there - oops!

The pineapple plantation was one of our favorite things that we did. It was so fun. Ignore the short skirt - I have since realized I should not wear such things! haha!

We rented a mustang convertible the whole time and it was so much fun! One day we went on the Road to Hana and it was just beautiful.

And here we are spending the evening downtown Lahaina.

We also went on a dinner cruise, and I agree with Kelly. It was NOT worth the money and I definitely wouldn't do it again.

So there you have it, now I can't wait to go back!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Dress

Kelly is hosting "show us your wedding dress"! For some reason our wedding pictures are not on this computer so I'm pulling the only ones I have up on facebook. These are not the best pictures but you can get an idea of my dress at least :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Lettered Cottage Giveaway

Grace of Coastline has some darling things and The Lettered Cottage is giving a table runner away!

Leave a comment at The Lettered Cottage to try and win!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nesting Place

Nester is my absolute favorite decorating blog. I adore her style and I love her tassels! I have been wanting one forever. Well, she has a giveaway that you should enter!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello from Mexico!

First off, there are two sweet babies that need prayers. I have been following these blogs for some time and these women are such wonderful women of God. They both gave birth to their babies within a few days of each other and they both are having serious problems. I know God will heal each of them!

The other is I know they would both appreciate all the prayers they can get.

In other news, we are in Mexico! We are having a great time - but the weather the last few days has been a little chilly. It looks like today will be a toasty, clear day so I'm very glad. Yesterday we took the boys up a few miles by car so they could kite down to where we were staying. No big deal, except that meant I had to drive the car back in the sand. Let's just say we had a little problem getting stuck and found ourselves digging the tires out as the boys blissfully kiteboarded just a little ways away. Then, I tried to back out and high centered (?) over some rocks. It was quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen. Praise the Lord, a sweet American girl walked by and helped us push the car! What else can you do but laugh when you are stranded in a foreign country-ha!