Friday, August 7, 2009

Reception/Hawaiian Honeymoon

Kelly is hosting Show Us Your Life today! I just looked and apparently don't have any reception pictures on this computer. I will have to find them later. But, I do have our honeymoon pictures. We were able to go to Maui and it was so wonderful. Hawaii is my absolute favorite place on earth and I was so excited that Eric and I could go together. I'm hoping we can save up and go again for our next vacation!

We stayed at the Outrigger in Napili Bay and it was such a beautiful location. This was the view from our room.

We went on a snorkeling excursion to Molokini and Turtle Bay.

Eric of course had to get a kiteboarding session in. I think he would have died if he hadn't gotten to go out at least a couple times :)

Oh that water makes me want to be there right now! Eric did accidently hit a turtle out there - oops!

The pineapple plantation was one of our favorite things that we did. It was so fun. Ignore the short skirt - I have since realized I should not wear such things! haha!

We rented a mustang convertible the whole time and it was so much fun! One day we went on the Road to Hana and it was just beautiful.

And here we are spending the evening downtown Lahaina.

We also went on a dinner cruise, and I agree with Kelly. It was NOT worth the money and I definitely wouldn't do it again.

So there you have it, now I can't wait to go back!


  1. What a great honeymoon!! Looks like a blast! I would love to go to Hawaii one day, it looks beautiful!

  2. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon too! Gorgeous place!

  3. We also enjoyed Road to Hana on our honeymoon. I think after you experience it once, you can check it off the list .... all those turns back and forth :)

  4. The water looks so welcoming and warm.