Monday, August 1, 2011

Alivia's 1st Camping Trip AKA Alivia's Last Camping Trip

Over the weekend we attempted to go camping for the first time with Alivia. Let me start off by saying that for the last few months she has finally been sleeping really well at night, but ever since last weekend she's decided to wake up at exactly 2 am screaming and throwing a fit. Basically, she just gets super mad and wants me to nurse her. Sorry sweets but we aren't starting that again. So we've had to just let leave her in her bed or else it is way worse when I go in there. Anyway, so you can see where this is going. Camping + screaming child for the whole world to hear = not so good. I really just wanted to go up for the day but it was Eric's birthday weekend so he won.

The day started out pretty good but the problem was that the drive over ended up being almost four hours by the time we dropped off the dogs at my friend's house. Lets just say that four hours is about three hours to long for Alivia to be in the car. So we had a lot of this:

We decided to stop at Cascadia and get out for a bit and hopefully calm the little turkey down. It's really pretty up there and she loved being outside. Ahh finally a smile.

Well, hello there.

We did finally make it but the night did not go well. She woke up several times screaming and ended up having to sleep with us.

Eric's mom and her boyfriend have a really nice motor home so we spent some time in there Saturday morning letting the kids crawl around and play.

She wasn't too sure of the water and first but she did end up loving it later on.

The best part of Saturday was when Eric's mom kept Alivia for a few hours and we got to go riding on the quad up to the top of a hill that had the best view.

We ended up going home Saturday night instead of torturing ourselves another night. There's no way I'm camping again this year but hopefully next year will be better. I have to admit this made me nervous for our vacation in November. I guess I need to start praying for a good sleeper now!

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