Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

For Father's Day today we decided to head down to my parents to go to church with them and then to their house for lunch. Unfortunately, church fell exactly when Alivia was supposed to take her nap and she immediately started freaking out. There was no way we could stay - she was arching her back and screaming. So we took a drive and she took a nap but she did not wake up a happy camper.

Eric and Alivia on his first father's day. She was still not in the best mood at this point.

Me and my sweet girl.

Mom and Addie Mae. Little Miss Addie Mae has a lot of practice smiling in front of the camera so we are able to get big smiles from her!

Then when we got home poor Eric had to say goodbye to his motorcycle. He sold it a few days ago but the guy was unable to pick it up until today. Happy Father's Day honey. What a sad day to get rid of it.

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